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Thinking of you

at Christmas..

and wishing you

all the pleasures

of the Season


From your Society Staff

Colonel George S. Howard

Louis C. Kriebel

Herman Vincent







In order to be fair with our members and as a result of a staff meeting; it was determined to make our membership donations effective from January to December each year. If you pay late, then you owe again early. This money is needed for stationary, reproduction and postage. Send your $5.00 donation NOW to our new treasurer, Herman Vincent - 4126 Hyde Park Ave., Lake Charles, LA 70605 - and be paid-up for 1989.



The committee for the 1990 Retired USAF Musicians Reunion at Colorado Springs, CO, is at work. The Chairman is John Lemelin - 3210 Bell Mountain Drive, Colo Spgs, CO 80918. Those who missed the San Antonio, TX reunion and said they didn't know - have now been placed on notice. Details will be mailed to you.


Catherine & Ray Toler: These are our most recent retirees to join us - his last assignment was as "Chief" of the Bands Branch in the Pentagon. Ray will assume the position as Asst. Director of Bands at Texas A&M University, Austin, TX. CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to our society. We wish you continued success in the future.


Joyce & Ed Bridges: These two have moved - they now have a 15 acre horse farm south of Atlanta, GA. On the farm they have a catfish pond, swimming pool, big Red Barn, two pastures and an office building. Also, apple, blueberries, muscadin (trying their hand at wine-making) and pecans. They love their new job and still keep their band music going with the South Metro Concert Band in Atlanta.


Iris & Dick Thurston: Dick is now the head of the band/orchestra department at Southern Music Co., in San Antonio, TX. This is the height of their season and Dick is more than busy.


Betty & Ross Whitehead: During the 3 months on the road, we went to Kentucky Horse Farm, where we saw and petted John Henry, (Famous Race Horse) and other race champions. Toured Bob Evans Farm, which brought back memories of my younger farm days. From there to Dayton, OH, where we attended a Granddaughters Graduation from High School, and a Grandsons Graduation from College. Then on to West Virginia to see Betty's son and family. Next, to the Smoky Mountains, where Ross finally saw some Bears in the wild. Spent quite a bit of time in the HEAT throughout the Smokies and visited everything. Finally, came home to Florida to cool off. Next trip is traveling for a year to Texas, Arizona, California, British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska, Montana, North & South Dakota, Colorado and points in-between. With our 34 foot, Winnebago Super-chief RV, we should have not problem with space.


Lady & Harold Copenhaver: Took the entire family to Disney World during July. Found it to be the best time to visit, after 4 Jul, the crowds and lines were not large. Everyone had a great time. They are keeping busy, Lady with her China Painting and Cope with his yard work. His grass around the area looks like a golf tee. He has sowed it all in Bermuda grass and has about a dozen trees on his lot; now is enjoying his estate with its new look.


Wanda & Pierce Walters: Pierce reports he has finally retired. He, after retiring from the USAF, went to work in a GS position with the U.S. Navy. Wanda and he, recently, went to visit "Jolly Old England" for a short stay in October. Both are feeling fine and enjoying life.


Micki & Lou Kriebel: Took a trip to Cape Cod - places of interest visited - in Norfolk, VA, General Douglas MacArthur Square. The Theatre, Memorial and Gift Shop. Then on to the Naval Submarine Base at Groton, CT. Here toured the USS Nautilus Museum. After Cape Cod, on to a motor tour of Harrisburg, PA. Ft Hunter Park (Mansion); crossed on the Millersburg Ferry to Crows Landing, on the ferry the Roaring Bull. The Millersburg Ferry is the last one in operation on the Susquehanna River. It operates the only wooden stern wheel ferries in the United States. On January 1, 1971, it became a registered historic landmark. Next tour was of the Hershey Museum and Factory, at Hershey, PA. Then on to Gettysburg, PA for a tour of the Battlefield and the General Eisenhower Farm. All worth seeing.


Joe & Red Johnson: Busy teaching at a local Community College three days a week, plus private lessons. Red is also playing local dance jobs several nights a week. Joe is also teaching at the High School. Both are in good health and as you can see, busy.



Louis C. Kriebel

Exec. Sec'y/Editor








Colonel George S. Howard, USAF Retired, former commander and conductor of the United States Air Force Band, Washington, D.C. has established the "Colonel George S. Howard Citation of Musical Excellence Award" for military concert bands. This award has been created to encourage and recognize military bands that achieve a high standard of professional excellence as a concert band.


On July 25, 1988, the US Marine Band from Washington DC was presented the first honorary award during their concert for the Texas Bandmasters Association convention in San Antonio, Texas. Colonel Howard, along with Colonel Benny Knudsen, committee chairman and conductor of the AF Band of the West in San Antonio, presented the award to Colonel John Bourgeois, Marine Band Director. Since the premiere bands in Washington D.C. are the standard for all other military bands, Colonel Howard will also present a similar honorary award to the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard bands as well.


During the Texas Bandmasters Convention, the Colonel Howard Citation committee also convened and evaluated the first of several bands that have been nominated for the award. The committee screens both video and audio recordings in evaluating nominations. Winners of the award will receive a certificate identical to that presented to the Marine Band citing their significant musical achievement. Colonel Knudsen, committee chairman, announced that the first two field or command bands to achieve the award are the Tactical Air Command Band, Langley AF Base, Virginia with Major Lowell Graham, Commander/Conductor and the Air Force Bond of the Golden Gate, Travis AF Base, California with Major Roger Sebby, Commander/Conductor. Band directors also receive an identical certificate, which underscores the essentiality of a talented conductor.


The Colonel George S. Howard Citation of Musical Excellence Award is administered by the John Philip Sousa Foundation with Colonel Howard as Chairman of the Board. The Citation of Musical Excellence committee includes Col John Bourgeois, Director US Marine Band; Colonel John Kindred, Chief US Army Bands; Commander Joseph Phillips, Commanding Officer, School of Music, Norfolk, Virginia; Commander Lewis Buckley, Director US Coast Guard Band, New London, Connecticut; Lt. Col Richard Thurston, USAF Retired, Southern Music Company, San Antonio Texas; and Lt Col Ray Toler, USAF Retired, Assistant Director Texas A and M "Aggie" Band. Also at the meeting the board approved the nomination of Lt Col Jack Grogan, Executive Officer, US Army Field Band Ft Meade, Maryland to replace Col John Kindred who will retire from active duty in the near future.


The next committee meeting will be held in conjunction with the Mid-West National Band and Orchestra Clinic convention in Chicago in mid-December. Military band directors desiring to have their units evaluated should forward their nominations to Colonel Benny Knudsen, Commander AF Band of the West, Lackland AFB, TX 78236, Tel: 512-671-3935, for inclusion on the agenda.






Colonel George S. Howard RELEASE 1/88-2, 15 August 1988

4917 Ravenswood Dr.

San Antonio TX 78227