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Exec. Sec'y/ Editor



REMINDER:  If you have not paid your 1989 dues, Vincent will be happy to accept them!!!


George Dietz:  In August 88, had open heart surgery.  December he returned to his part-time job at Andrews AFB, Wood Hobby Shop, assisting hobby workers on their projects and teaching safety habits with power and hand tools.  Feeling fine and enjoying life.


Arlene & Dick Daugherty:  "A funny thing happened to Dick as he started to write this letter.  He stumbled across a Do-it-Yourself Colo-rectal Surgery Kit. While fooling around with it, he accidentally removed a cancerous polyp.  So then he had no choice but to go in and cut out 18" of his colon.  Luckily, the cancer was confined to the polyp so he's Okay.  While he was confined to bed, Arlene found him reading a book called Head Transplants in Three Easy Steps.  You can imagine where she threw that book.  Arlene has still not retired.  She's at the same old desk doing her crossword puzzles and watching the street.  It's not as much fun watching since Dick has stopped trying to move the house back 6 inches so he could sneak out unseen.  Anyway, we live in a Neighborhood Watch Area - or thought we did until someone stole the sign".


Ruth & Boyd Eagle: Boyd had two operations; he's back to their good lifestyle and playing again with the Dixie-land Band.


Lynne & Bob Kuzminski:  Up date briefs:  Dec 85 - moved from WA to Las Vegas, NV to reside nearer both their parents, one in CA and the other in AZ.  They bought a new little three bedroom house in NW Las Vegas.  Jun 86 - Lynne began as the Accounting Dept. Secretary (full-time) for Centel Systems (Phone Co. subsidiary).  Mar 86 - Bob began working as Christian Education Director (full-time) for 1st Presbyterian Church while attending National University (also full-time) - 15 hard months!  Jun 87 - Bob graduated from National Un with a Business Admin Masters Degree (MBA).  At the same time he was offered a new job at the church (1600 members) as their first full-time Director of Music Ministries.  So he took it, filed the MBA, and is enjoying the music job - 5 choir's, 5 Bell choir's, Brass and String Ensembles (very time-consuming).  Apr 88 - Lynne promoted to Admin Assistant for the Vice President, Finance and Admin, Centel Communications Systems (new name for Co.).  So Bob is using his MBA at home as Lynne's personal advisor.  88 - Yes, Bob still loves cars as much as music.  He got a 1988 Honda Civic DX Hatchback in Jan.  Lynne got a 1989 Mazda 626 DX Sedan last month, Nov. 


Maxine & Curt Parsons:  In 1988 they spent several days in Las Vegas for Maxine’s birthday.  They traveled to Toronto, Can ada, in Jul, on a business trip - found it to be a nice, clean and modern city.  From there to Bedford, PA to visit relations.  They like to see old friends and relatives.


Ruth & Joe Drobny:  Will celebrate 30 years of retirement in Jun 89.  Still loves music and has quite a collection of tapes.  He plays golf three times a week, weather permitting.  After his heart surgery, game slipped to a 22 handicap but now down to 18.  Will see all at the 1990 reunion.


Leona & Hank Uhland:  Hank reports:” The Uhlands are continuing their struggle (with mixed results) against old age - we are getting used to gray hair (not ours, of course).  Nonetheless, we are in reasonably good health and manage to get about.  In April we were on an 18-day tour, which took us to Egypt & Israel (including a cruise on the Nile).  The tour group of over 200 was great and everything was extremely well organized.  In June we drove to CA to see relatives and friends.  In late October we flew to Norfolk to see son Tom and family including a brand new baby girl.  Thus far we have no plans for 89 - but that could change at any time.  Our bags are packed!"


Iris & Dick Thurston:  Enjoying the beauty and the balmy weather of San Antonio.  Dick is still quite busy as Secretary-Treasurer of the ABA and his full-time job with Southern Music Co.  They attended the Mid-West Clinic at Chicago in December. If you're ever in San Antonio, remember their welcome mat is always out.


Rachel & John Baldelli:  A good year; John's cancer has been kept in remission.  He has been active, doing as he wishes, with no problems.  They still enjoy traveling, visiting friends and relations.  Rachel finished 4553 miles of her 5000 mile swimming goal.  They play lots of bridge and Rachel is completing needle pointing the chair seats in their dining room.


Trudy & George Roberts:  George is playing as much as ever with a group in the DC area.  They travel from time to time; last trip was up to Cape Cod.  Both are in good health and enjoying life.


Marge & Mac McGregor:  Have a new 35 foot cabin boat, which they both enjoy.  They also are kept busy playing golf two and three times a week.  They are both in good health and also kept busy running up to DC to visit the family.


Myrtie & Al Bader:  Al reports: "Myrtie and I are hanging in there, chasing that little obnoxious golf ball all over the Washington DC suburbs.  What the heck, it beats marching down Constitution Ave".


Francis & Bob Bunton:  They have had a busy year in 88.  Business was outstanding, however, Bob is contemplating retirement in 89.  Sorry they miss the reunion in San Antonio, TX, but will make every effort to be at the one in Colo Spgs, CO, in 90.



                           Louis C. Kriebel

                           Exec. Sec'y/Editor