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Bette & Don KraftDuring the past 3˝ years Don had four Operations - he is now enjoying good health and in spite of some arthritic problems is still playing his sax and clarinet and enjoys the sunrise each day.  Both are enjoying retirement and feeling fine.


Hope & George AttridgeI quote a passage and challenge from a note from George - "Going to San Antonio, a dozen Fitz golfers, to play all the military courses.  We go some place every year.  Am practicing up for the 1990 reunion in Colo Spgs.  John Kirkpatrick and I will challenge any other two-some.  If you need strokes, take what you need!  Am determined to shoot my age this year - a 73 or 74 with no gimmies".


Eleanor & Harry Meuser:  Enjoying retired life.  Harry sold his boat (after 14 years) and has become a "Land-lubber".  It’s less costly to enjoy other people’s boats.  Enjoying music as a hobby; drive to Florida twice each year to visit their grand children and friends.


Alf Heiberg:  Reports he is in good health and enjoying life at 84.


Bert & John GoodwinKeeping real busy teaching and playing.  His days start at 0730 and end at 1900 hours.  Has a few breaks during each day but it is still a long day.  Too, John plays every weekend with a 10 piece band.  Doing some jingles and demo tapes at local recording studio's is an enjoyment time.  In addition to this, he plays in a newly formed San Antonio Jazz Orchestra approximately once a week and has performed at jazz festival programs.  Having fun, and playing some great music.




Katharine & Art Wiggins:  One more year and one year older - and thankful for being here; wishing everyone the best of everything in the new year.  Some won some lost in the Presidential election, however, we are hoping for a wonderful and peaceful four years.  This leaves us, as usual, working hard.  Art is still writing and playing music.  Katharine is still working in the school system - thinking of retiring this summer.  Best regards to all.


Bob Dunn:  Reports is having heart problems - being treated and doing well through medication.


Catherine & Ray Toler:  Love their new position at Texas A &M University, being Aggies - the place is really infectious.  Had a busy year so far including the Inaugural Parade.  They plan on being at the 90 reunion.


Mary G & David L HaleStill working as a piano technician and giving Horn lessons.  Keeps in good physical shape tending his big yard.


Ruth & Boyd Eagle:  Boyd is resting after a serious operation.  He is hoping to be back in full swing soon writing (his chief enjoyment) for the 18-piece band he belongs to, named "The Stardusters".


Gertrude & Gene Dieter:  Busy but great winter in Florida.  "Baby sitting" their grand-daughters and touring around.  Doing some enjoyable fishing too.  Both are in good health and heading north to NH for the summer months.


Sadako & George S. Howard:  Busy as ever taking care of the garden and guest conducting.




Priscilla G & Butler R Eitel:  Butler was one of the instructors at our USAF Bandsmen School at Bolling AFB, DC.  He is a member of the ABA and still has many military connections.  His daughter is Principal Oboist with the United States Marine Band in Washington DC plus son-in-law trombonist in the same band.  Butler is retired from professorship from university.


Irene & Lewis Anderson:  Lew also taught at the USAF Bandsmen School at Bolling and made many friends.  He retired from university teaching and is now quite active with guest conducting and playing in two trio's; one in Ohio and the other at Ft Meyers Beach, Fl.  He performs on the Trumpet, Flugel-Horn and Baritone.  He and Irene are in good health and enjoying a semi-retired life.


Sally & Carl E. Kranz:  Our most recent active duty retiree is Carl.  He retired 29 Apr 89 after 28-year active service.  Sally will remain on active duty in the Accounting and Finance Office at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.




The dates for the Reunion in Colo Spgs, CO will be 2,3 & 4 August 1990.  Further details will mailed to everyone approximately 1 June.








Died November 19, 1988


I recently received notice of the death of one of our colleagues.


Lloyd Overton, an outstanding musician and personable individual.  He was one of the Pioneer Bandleaders selected in April 1952, to attend a course at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, DC, to further enhance the United States Air Force Music Program.  His expertise and experience, attributed to the firm foundation appreciated in today’s USAF Band Program.


Those colleagues, who were privileged to serve with Lloyd, will miss him.