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Peg & Pat Veltre: Busy, busy, busy - still teaching school, conducting the Community Concert Band; a 17 piece jazz ensemble; co-conductor of the Civic Chorale group; conductor of the community Theater Orchestra (just finished "Westside Story") and Church Chorus. As Pat, plans on retiring from the school system 30 Jun 90, he has two items he is looking forward to: 1) attending the next reunion at Colo Spgs; 2) applying for food stamps. Both Peg & Pat are fine and send their best to all.


Gloria & Terry Hemeyer: Terry retired from the USAF in 1980 from the Public Affairs office in the Pentagon. During his Air Force career, he was the leader of the "Falcon Airs" the official dance band of the USAF Academy Band at Colorado. He has been now, 10 years with Pennzoil Co., at Houston, TX - Director of Public Affairs. He credits his success in communications to the time served with the Academy Band. As a former Air Force Bandleader and Retiree, we welcome Gloria & Terry to our society and wish them continued success.


Connie & John Osiecki: Connie is in good health and keeping busy selling real estate. John practicing piano four (4) hours a day; playing golf twice (2) a week. He is a music sideline conductor for Universal Studios - has appeared in several, "Murder She Wrote"; "Quantum Leap"; "Simon & Simon", TV shows, and appearing as bandleader and choir director in movie, "Fletch Lives". Their children are doing great too; Terry - works in the Music Department at Universal Studios, also plays Flute with the Burbank Symphony Orchestra,(Married). John D‑ Recording Engineer at Bell Sound, in Hollywood, (Single). Lisa - Teaching Gymnastics (Married). Tony - TV and Film Producer at Dancer Fitzgerald Ad Agency that handles Toyota National Advertising, (Single). Net result - all have careers - No grandchildren, however, Connie & John are still optimistic. John further reports, he is very happy, because he is doing the one thing he loves - playing music. He works a steady gig with his trio (Piano, Bass & Drums), also works occasional Big Band jobs. They both hope to be at the reunion at Colo Spgs.


Marilyn & Herman Vincent: Vince reports he is now an official licensed member of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics). In order to fly the models, you must have an up-to-date license. Said he feels good, if the plane does crash, he can walk away from it, and no one is hurt! Too, no orders, or bag to pack for the trip.


Vivian & John Nalezny: As we have not heard from John for many years, I asked him for a brief up-date, since his retirement from the USAF. He retired in 1980 and came to Florida and worked with Mark Azzolina and the Florida Pops at Boca Raton. Mean time, he started managing the Savings & Loan at Boca Raton Federal. In 1983 they moved to Chase Federal Bank with a PCS move to Stuart, Florida. John is manager of the Chase Federal Bank at Stuart and is also Assistant Vice President; they make their home at Palm City. Chase Federal Bank sponsored a concert given by the USAF Band from Robins AFB, GA. The bank is also in the process of making this an annual event plus a tri-county tour for the band. John has been guest conductor for groups in the area - just finished a 6-concert season as conductor of the Potsdam Grand Theatre Orchestra at Stuart (Potsdam was the original name of Stuart, until 1914). He is President-elect of the Rotary Club of Stuart-Sunrise, taking office 1 Jul 89.


Betty & Mark Azzolina: CONGRATULATIONS are in order - the Boca Raton Symphonic Pops has now been changed to: FLORIDA SYMPHONIC POPS. Brother Nick & Mark are doing fine and keeping busy. (see enclosed press releases, also schedule of events).


Blanche & Bob Allee: Bob is still golfing once or twice a week - he said he is not sure if he is classified as a golfer or a goofer! He has fun anyway, so who cares. Both are doing fine and enjoying retirement living here in Florida.


Ruth & Boyd Eagle: Believe it or not - there are two (2) Boyd Eagles living in Ocean Springs, MS - so OUR Boyd Eagle has listed his phone in his Indian Name - "Piatote". So if you go to visit him at Ocean Spgs, look for our Boyd under "P" in order to phone him prior to your visit!


Please keep letters coming in to me and I will put the items of interest in each bulletin, however, if there is something you don't want put in, just let me know. We are interested in you, even if you just go for a walk each day - you are one of our, family. Keep in touch


Louis C. Kriebel









Born July 15, 1930 - Died May 21, 1989


Service May 26, 1989 at Ft Sam Houston Chapel


San Antonio, Texas


Eulogy Read by


Colonel George S. Howard, USAF (Ret)




I think I have known the name, Richard Van Sice, more than half my life. The name was unusual and as a military musician, he was unusual - he played French Horn and played it well. That in itself made him a rarity.


On one of my inspection visits to The Band of the West at Lackland, LTC Samuel Kurtz, then CWO4, informed me that he was sending some of his finest musicians to form a band cadre at the Air Force Academy. He then said, "Richard Van Sice, my best French Horn is among them. How can you do this to me?" That was my introduction to the name Van Sice. But the assignment from my office in Washington held firm and Dick went to the Academy. In retrospect, it is amusing to note that when Dick, along with his family, reported for duty to the Academy, due to a snafu in orders, he arrived 30 days early. Knowing Dick, it probably took him those 30 days to simmer down to where he could even play a note. He remained at the Academy for eight (8) years, then we needed special attention at Samson Air Force Base. He did a job there.


He was next assigned to the Air Force Band in Wiesbaden, Germany, under the Command of Major Jim Roland. His final assignment was The Band of the West, Lackland Air Force Base, where he remained until he retired at the end of 24 years service.


Wherever his assignment took him, he left his mark, and always for the better. He made lasting friendships while on active duty, friendships that carried over into his retirement.


He was very proud of his wife, Dorothy, and his family, and justly so. All of them are having successful careers and lives.