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Lillian & Harold (Bud) Rigg:  Welcome Lillian & Bud to our society.  Bud retired from The USAF Band in Washington, D.C.  They have spent the last 15 years summering in Colorado and wintering in Arizona.  While in Colorado, Bud plays with the Western State College Concert Band - in Arizona, he plays with various groups (plus his own 5 piece group) and one 16-piece band.  All between going fishing - he feels at 81 yrs, he is doing fine.


Shirley & Morey Block:  Welcome to Shirley & Morey Block - he reports:  We - the Morey Block Family & my wife Shirley G - spouse, mother, sweetheart - are living in our domiciles in the Canadian Province of British Columbia, now after dreaming of hopefully owning a place to raise our siblings.  The three of us, e.g. spouse and our son - Robert and I occupy the home we paid for ... and other family are close enough to drop in for an occasional visit.

I am presently enjoying retirement - surviving a quadruple by-pass and aorta replacement in St Paul's Hospital - where I was decorated with a scar just below the neck extending to the sternum.  The surgeon who did the job said it should do me for next fifteen years.  Now, I am grateful for the opportunity to continue looking after our children and the children's that five grand-children and three great grand-children.

Retiring from teaching after twenty-eight years at the secondary - school and university level - instructing in Band - Orchestra - Choral, I continue work on making arrangements and composing my own works.

As a former RCAF - USAF Officer - Pilot and Operations Officer, I continue my membership in COPA ... as well as other allied groups concerned with aviation.

As a member of The Canadian Band Directors Association, I appreciate being invited to join The USAF Band Directors and Superintendents Society.  I have fondest memories of The USAF Band under Col George S. Howard, following World War II.

Morey retired as a 1st Lt from the USAF.  His Degrees are B. Mus Ed - Un of Denver and M ED – UBC.


Ruth & Boyd Eagle:  From the "Stardusts News Letter" the following information was published:

SEPTEMBER 16, 1989




Boyd was born 11 September, 1902 in Idaho.  He is a member of the famous NezPerze Tribe.

Enlisted in U.S. Army in 1920 where he started his musical career.  Reenlisted in 1924 and started his study of the saxophone and clarinet.  1928 he became a member of the General Staff Band where he learned how to write musical arrangements.  Was discharged in 1931.  Reenlisted in 1940 and took the Warrant Officer examination.  He then became an Army Air Corps Band Director under the Glen Miller (CAOT/MAJOR) Chief of all Air Training Command Bands.  Toured the Pacific Area entertaining troops there.  1947 returned to the states to direct the band at Boca Raton, then to Keesler AFB, MS.  Finished his military career at Greenville AFB, where he retired in 1954.  Went to Millsaps College and played with Sammy Grahm on road tours.  Came to coast in 1957 worked for SMEC Music.  Was band director at Harrison Central, D'lberville and GCMA.  Member of the Jazz Society and has been with the Stardusters for about 4 years playing tenor sax and writing arrangements for the band.  At 87, Boyd is still going strong. We hope he will continue to do so for many years to come.




It is getting near the 1st of the year ... if you wish to send your 1990 dues to Vince early, I know he would appreciate it.  He will credit your account for 1990.  Send your $5.00 check, made payable to: RAFBL Soc - to him, (address in upper left-hand corner of first page).


Drop me a line with any Xmas message you wish for all, and I will include it in our December 89 Bulletin.


Your assistance and cooperation is appreciated.

Louis C. Kriebel

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1930 - June 7, 1989




Houston National Cemetery



I have recently received the news of the passing of one of our colleagues, Ed Byer.


Edgar "Ed" Byer, 59, of Houston, TX, died 1 June 1989 of cancer.  Ed entered the USAF in 1947.  During his 24 years service, he was assigned to Air Force Bands in: Wiesbaden, Germany; Waco, TX; San Marcos, TX; Greenville, MS; Puerto Rico; Offutt AFB, NE; Japan; and Chanute AFB, IL.


His talent as a drummer, arranger and administrator were professionally utilized and performed, greatly enhancing each organization to which he was assigned.  He retired from the USAF at Chanute AFB, IL in 1971 and settled in Houston, TX.


Ed was Vice President of the Musician Credit Union, served on the board of the Local Musicians Union and was a member of S.M.A.C.


Services were held 12 June 1989 at St John United Methodist Church, Houston, TX.  Musical renditions, before and after the service, by an instrumental jazz group, played appropriate selections.  Society members Don Kraft and Bill LaBrutta, were invited to participate in the service, expressing their personal admiration for a professional colleague and friend, known and respected over some 30 years.