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May Christmas and the New Year

Bring you Joyful Hours

Pleasant Memories, Thoughts of Friends

and Much Happiness



From your Society Staff

Colonel George S. Howard

Louis C. Kriebel

Herman Vincent







In order to be equally fair to all and as a result of a staff meeting; membership donations/dues are effective from January to December each year.  If you pay late, you owe early.  This money is used for stationary, reproduction and postage.




The committee for the 1990 Retired Air Force Musicians Reunion at Colo Spgs, CO is hard at work.  The Chairman is John Lemelin - Details will be mailed to you in Feb­ruary 1990 - if you don't get a notice - contact John.




We would like to start a series of "Biographies" on our members.  This would be published in future bulletins.  Many of our retirees should have the benefit of knowing who you are and just "how it was in the old days."


We would appreciate information such as:


1.              Date of enlistment, appointment/commission, as either a bandsman and/or bandleader.


2.              Date of retirement.


3.              Some personal background you feel may be of interest.


4.              The bands you directed and their location at the time.


5.              Any humorous things or events you'd care to share with us; i.e. the best/worst trip, concert, situation.  Something that has remained prominent in your mind over the years.


6.              What you did after retirement and what you're doing now.


7.              Several have written a number of songs and orchestral or band works, many of which have been published.  If you are one of these gifted colleagues, send us the name of the work and the name of the publisher.


8.              Any other information you feel might be of interest.


We feel that this series of personal experiences will be of great interest to our present and future members.  It also may be the beginning of a history of bands and bandleaders in the USAF.  Without your personal insight and biographical sketch, it would be another dry document.  However, with your help, it will be much more.


Your assistance and cooperation is appreciated.




Priscilla & Butler Eitel:  We are now at our winter address.  We arrived on time to leave for CA to see our daughter (Oboist) in The U.S. Marine Band, on tour from Washington DC.  Will also visit our son, a former U.S. Army Band trumpeter and Navy pilot - who now flies for American Airlines and living in the San Francisco, CA area.


Louise & Jim McMillen:  We just returned from a 12,000 mile trip in our motor home.  Traveled in Canada as far as Nova Scotia, then down to Florida.  Visited with many friends along the way, including Pat Veltre and John Neilson.


Lady & Harold Copenhaver:  We are both in good health and enjoying retirement.  Doing some traveling but mostly just busy at home.


Francis & Bob Bunton:  Bob, now a Certified Financial Planner reports:  This has been a crazy year thus far.  For the past five years November was the time to be hunting in Michigan, however, with so many new tax laws, the client base has kept me in town to address year-end tax planning.  I guess that is what it is all about anyway.  Fran loves the beach (3 times a week) and all I get is sunburn, so working keeps me healthy.  One of these days, I really will hang it up.  I gave up chasing little white balls on a golf course many years ago.  To me, that's like "watching the bumper rust on a car", so the consultation business provides a means of being actively involved with people on a daily basis.


Ruth & Joe Drobny:  Spokane, WA - Fall is here and it is beautiful.  Still play golf three times a week, but that will change depending on the weather.  Played in Arizona last winter while temperatures up here were zero.  Looking forward to the 1990 reunion.



Myrtle & Vic Keehner:  I'm still active in 'ham' radio and have a radio friend in Deerfield Beach, Fl. I guess all of us along here are glad that HUGO didn't come our way. The Hurricane Hunters from Kessler AFB here, were sure busy around that time. The base is still going strong as the Electronics Center for the USAF.


Irene & Lewis Anderson:  The leaves are falling, the leaves are falling and "Baby, It's Cold Outside".  Our leaves are all picked up, pool is closed - but we're not ready for winter.  Every year Irene and I hate cold winter and cold weather more and more.  This has been my busiest year since I retired from full time directing and teaching.  I am busy almost every week with playing or conducting and have bookings for playing when we "get lost" at our Florida Condo at Ft Myers Beach.


Nogiko & Robert Kertesz:  We welcome to our society Nogiko and Bob - Bob retired from The USAF Band in Washington DC in 1973.  He is in real estate in the DC area and enjoys retirement and his new career.




Lady & Harold Copenhaver     Katharine & Art Wiggins Priscilla & Butler Eitel                 Myrtle & Victor Keehner

Louise & Jim McMillen        Irene & Lew Anderson



Louis C. Kriebel








April 27, 1914 - December 26, 1989




Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA



Homer died at the Water Reed Army Medical Center - due to failure of his vital organs and after several years battle with arthritis through-out his entire body.


He enlisted in The US Army Band in 1939.  During WW-II the band toured the European Theater 1943-45.  The band was attached to SHAPE and was active from Casablanca and the North African campaign, Sicily, England, France, Belgium and Germany.  Homer left the Army Band in 1946 and went to work for the Pennsylvania Railroad.  In 1947 he enlisted in The USAF Band, Bolling AFB, DC.  In 1951 he transferred to The US Army Band, Ft Myer, VA.  He retired from the Army Band in 1961.  After retirement, he worked as a machinist until 1972.


He was a professional artist and very dedicated to the music profession.  He had a pleasing personality and could always be depended upon to do an outstanding professional performance.


Homer will be missed by us all, who had the honor and privilege of knowing and serving with him.


He is survived by his wife Amelia Campbell; his son Wayne; his daughter Claudette and three grandchildren.


Funeral service was at Fort Myer Chapel, Virginia with full Military Honors - 2 January 1990.