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REMINDER:  If you haven't already made your $5.00 donation for 1988 please send it to Dick Thurston, postage rates have gone up!!!! Thank you!


Sadako & Col George S. Howard:  Col Howard has been making frequent visits to the dental office at Wilford Hall.  He was chosen to be a comprehensive dental patient.  It seems he had one tooth, a partial, for 42 years, and that to a dentist is a miracle.  Photo's were taken with and without his partial and from every angle possible, studied by student dentists and viewed as an antique.  Result decision - tooth was capped.  After clearances required and blood tests, EKG and an appointment for new glasses, he finally was sent to the Dunn Dental Clinic to have two fillings replaced.  He is booked for four hours in the dental chair, during which time he gets caught up on needed sleep.  Sadako keeps in good health and makes sure the Col keeps his garden in good order.


Wilda & Woody Wood:  Both in good health.  Kept busy with his clock collection and visiting their grandchildren.


Arlene & Dick Daugherty:  Dick reports he has been working with a company that dates back to 1792 (unfortunately, so does its inventory).  Arlene's still working and loves it.  They and their family are all doing fine.


Jennie & Bill Dries:  Still busy - Bill left retirement to accept a position with Tacoma Public Utilities as a Meter Reader.  The daily walking does wonders in keeping him "slim" and healthy.  Jeannie continues to work as a Personnel Assistant in the Personnel Department of the City of Tacoma.  Whenever there's a free weekend they try to get away in their van (Bill calls it their "milk truck") to see the scenic Northwest and relax.  Bill bowls in a churchmen's fellowship league, and his team has been champions two of the past three years.  He also directs the church choir.  Jennie serves as the Sunday school superintendent and all around go-fer.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day or days in the week to get everything done, but they do think of their friends (old & new) and reminisce of times past.  They report they have fond memories of all and send their very best to all.


Maxine & Curt Parsons:  Both are doing fine.  They have not traveled much in 87 due to health problems Maxine was having (a cataract implant surgery, limiting vision in one eye).  However, she is coming along well now.  Curt and Maxine report they are sorry to have missed the reunion in San Antonio but hope to be with everyone in Colo Spgs.


Pat & Freddie Fredric:  An update for those at the San Antonio reunion; Freddie had to cancel all his reservations due to an airplane accident of a very close friend.  His friend was flying his plane, along with his wife to South Carolina.  They came down in the water and his wife’s body was found near the wreckage of the plane.  However, to this day, his friend has never been found.  In Sep Freddie fell while getting into his car.  He severely fractured his hip and spent fourteen days in traction at the hospital.  He was using a walker and has graduated to a four-pronged cane.  Like all "kids" of 82 yrs, he is disappointed that he can't progress back to his first class condition faster, but is doing fine.  However, he said that some good did come from his stay in the hospital.  He was scheduled (prior to his accident) to have fourteen treatments for cancer.  While in hospital they gave him the treatments and only 10 were required and that was cured.  Pat is still keeping him in line and seeing that his spirit is good and he is progressing normally.


Leona & Hank Uhland:  They report they continue to enjoy good health and life in general.  In Sep 87, they spent 21 days visiting England, Scotland and Northern France.  "Great weather, except for northern Scotland -- but at least we did not have to endure much bag piping nor were we forced to dine on haggis."  Other travel was local, augmented vicariously by attendance at World Cavalcade programs at Seattle Opera House.  In April 88 they are scheduled to be with a group tour for 17 days, visiting Egypt and Israel.


Lady & Harold Copenhaver:  Enjoying retirement and the idea of getting things done without a time schedule.  They came down to Florida in Feb to get away from the snow and cold weather.  They may become a member of the group that the Floridians call "snow birds".  Come down when it snows up north, rent a place for three or four months, and return home when the snow is gone.  They both are in good health and are enjoying their family, 6 grandchildren.


Wilda & Presley Wood:  The weatherman has kept them close to home.  Lots of snow and with a new car, they don't want to give the "fender benders" a green light.  However, Woody is still busy with his clocks and both are enjoying good health.


Iris & Dick Thurston:  Dick still working at Southern Music and enjoying the position.  Last March at the ABA Convention in Ashland, OR, he was elected Secretary - Treasurer of the Association.  There have been only three people in that position in the association, in the past 39 years.  (Quite and honor and we of the Society send our CONGRATULATIONS to Dick for this accomplishment).


Micki & Lou Kriebel:  Lou is fully retired now; keeping busy re-decorating around the house and getting ready for trips in their motor home.  Hope to make it to Alaska this summer.  Micki is in good health and keeps lining up work for Lou so life doesn't get dull.


Ed Dougherty:  Doing fine, still enjoying "Life in the Sun" here in Florida.  Goes bike riding and fishing plus visiting family both in Florida and up north.  In good health.


Betty & Ross Whitehead:  They have a 34 foot motor home and will leave in Jun for another trip around the USA.  He, golfing and she shopping, their last trip was 8 months.  Will let you know where they are going after they return.  Both are in good health and enjoy their trips, plus Ross has a new hobby, model railroad trains.


Helen King:  Busy, busy, busy, since she moved back to Cocoa Beach, F1 and into her condo.  Seeing new and old friends, she has to keep an appointment book so she doesn't get confused.  Feels fine and enjoying life.


Blanche & Bob Allee:  Bob keeps busy with his golf everyday. Both are fine and send their best to everyone.






LTC Ray Toler:  Will retire 1 Sep 88 after 22 years of service.  Ray has signed a contract with Texas A & M.  He will become their Asst Director of Bands for one year; then will become their Director of Bands.  Col Toler has been a great help to us during his career in the USAF.  We will welcome him to our society and give him our CONGRATULATIONS for the future, plus wish him continued success in his new position.


Note from the Editor:  The only way we know how you are doing is to get a note or letter from you. We are interested in you!  Drop me a note; I know, some say that they don't do anything of interest, but when you get up in the morning and keep moving around, that is of interest, so let me know.  I enjoy passing your good words on to our society and many like to hear from you, even through our bulletin.  Take care and keep in touch.


Louis C. Kriebel