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Gathered below you will find a wealth of Military Band resources. The compilation includes links to Army, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard Military Band web sites. If your web site isn't available in this list, and you'd like us to review it for consideration to be added to our list, please e-mail us at info@afmusic.org to make your request.

The US Air Force Band Information (202) 767 - 5658
The United States Air Force Band is the Air Force's premier musical organization. It has endeared itself to millions of listeners for more than 60 years through its exhilarating music, engaging concerts and masterful recordings. Since its formation in 1941, The United States Air Force Band has brought superb music and exciting entertainment to music lovers throughout America and around the globe, earning its reputation as "America's International Musical Ambassadors."

US Air Force Bands Online
The US Air Force Bands Program web site.

Military Bands - EntsWeb Directory
EntsWeb Entertainment and Leisure Guide. Musicians Military Bands - EntsWeb Directory Index web site.

USAF Drum and Bugle Corps and Pipe Band
The United States Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps and Pipe Band, Bolling AFB, Washington, D.C., was created in 1950 and existed until 1963 when it was disbanded as a cost cutting measure. The Pipe Band continued as a separate entity for another dozen years. During that time, the USAF Drum Corps became the preeminent drum corps in the country.

US Army Band
For over 81 years, The U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own" has maintained a tradition of excellence as the premier musical organization of The United States Army. The US Army Band was founded in 1922 by Army Chief of Staff General John J. "Blackjack" Pershing to emulate European military bands he heard during World War I. The Band continues to play an important role in events of national and international significance, staging performances from the battlefields of World War II to our Nation's Capital.

US Army Bands Online
Welcome to the official web site for the U.S. Army Band Program!

Military Music Web Site
Altissimo! Recordings welcomes you to militarymusic.com The finest source of military music! We produce and sell CDs and cassettes of your favorite U.S. Military Bands, Orchestras, Ensembles and Choruses.

Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps Information (703) 696 - 8521
The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps is the only unit of its kind in the armed forces, and is part of the The 3rd U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard). The Fife and Drum Corps is stationed at Fort Myer, VA. The musicians of this unit recall the days of the American Revolution as they parade in uniforms patterned after those worn by the musicians of Gen. George Washington's Continental Army. Military musicians of the period wore the reverse colors of the regiments to which they were assigned. The uniforms worn by the members of the Corps are dated circa 1781, and consist of black tricorn hats, white wigs, waistcoats, colonial coveralls, and red regimental coats.

Air Force Singing Sergeants Reunion Information.
Alumni of the official chorus of the United States Air Force, the Singing Sergeants, will hold a 60th Anniversary Reunion in San Jose, California from August 9th through August 14th, 2005.

US Army Field Band Information (301) 677 - 6586
From Boston to Bombay, Tokyo to Toronto, The United States Army Field Band has been thrilling audiences of all ages for more than half a century. As the premier touring musical representative for the United States Army, this internationally-acclaimed organization travels thousands of miles each year presenting a variety of music to enthusiastic audiences throughout the nation and abroad.

US Coast Guard Band Information (860) 701-6826
The Coast Guard Band is honored to represent our service to the world through our concert tours, radio broadcasts, compact disc recordings, and this website. We believe a fine concert band is unique in its ability to preserve our nation's musical heritage, fostering national pride, patriotism, and appreciation for our troops. We join with America's great premier military bands in carrying out this important mission.

US Marine Band Information (202) 433 - 4011
“The President’s Own” United States Marine Band, Marine Chamber Orchestra, and Marine Chamber Ensembles perform for more than 300 White House and more than 500 public and official performances each year. Though “The President’s Own” is composed of roughly 160 members—including musicians, a professional support staff, a drum major and assistant drum major, directors, and officers—the performing size of the band, chamber orchestra, and chamber ensembles varies with each concert or ceremony.

US Merchant Marine Academy Band Information (800) 732 - 6267
In 1943, the present US Merchant Marine Academy Band at Kings Point was established. With it, a 45 piece professional band, made up of the finest New York City musicians, was recruited and played for thousands of cadets during their intensified wartime training at the Academy. To this day, the raised platform in the mess hall at the Academy, where the present Regimental midshipmen officers sit, and the radio broadcasting booth are vestiges of that professional band.

United States Military Academy Band Information (845) 938 - 2617
The United States Military Academy Band, the U.S. Army’s oldest active band and the oldest unit at West Point, traces its roots to the Revolutionary War. At that time, fifers and drummers were stationed with companies of minutemen on Constitution Island, across the river from West Point. In 1778, General Samuel Holden Parsons’ 1st Connecticut Brigade crossed the Hudson River and established West Point as a permanent military post. After the American Revolution, Congress disbanded most of the Continental Army, but “the 55 men at West Point,” members of the 2nd Continental Artillery, remained. Among their ranks stood at least one drummer and one fifer, who alone maintained the tradition of military music at West Point.

United States Navy Band Information (202) 433 - 2525
The United States Navy Band is the Navy's premier musical representative in Washington, D.C. The band is directed by Captain Ralph M. Gambone, the 11th officer to hold this position. The Navy Band is recognized by many as "The World's Finest" and is staffed by some of the nation's best musicians. Established on March 4, 1925, by an Act of Congress, the Navy Band has participated in 19 presidential inaugurals and presents honors at White House ceremonies and memorial services in Arlington National Cemetery. The Band presents public concerts in the Washington metropolitan area and tours the country annually.

US Naval Academy Band Information (410) 293-0263

Ever since the founding of the Naval Academy in 1845, when the “Band”consisted of a fifer and a drummer, music has been an important part of Naval Academy life. Officially formed in November 1852, The United States Naval Academy Band has established a reputation for outstanding musical support to the Brigade of Midshipmen and the surrounding community. However, the current version of the Naval Academy Band is a far cry from the thirteen men who reported to Annapolis almost 150 years ago. Today, due to the unmatched versatility of its members, the band is able to blend tradition and change into a wide variety of musical styles.

Womens Air Force Band 1951-1961

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