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USAF Horn Line - Circa 1957 / 1958

702nd AF Band (SAC Band), Offutt AFB,
Omaha, NE 1949 Personnel
IDs by John Wright:
Left to Right: 1st Row: Charles Palumbo; Vincent Petrill; Leo Inzerillo; John Wright; J. J. Holton; William Prine; Robert Johnson; Paul Abrams;
Robert Leigh & Harold Jones

2nd Row: Wylie Strickland; Dale Anderson; Gene Goltz; Doug Davidson; Don Swaggard; Dewey Crouch; Richard McClain; Bruce Peiton; Charles Hanson; Jack Tomino & Unk

3rd Row: Louis Rohrer; John Black; James Watts; Louis Sherrock; D.E. Stevens; Windy McIntyre; William Edwards; Dale Kreckleberg; William Wallace; Robert Reitz & Herb Breaden

4th Row: W.O. Anthony Fredrick, CO; Dale Denson; TSgt McLaughlin, 1st Sgt & Kenneth Taylor

Herb Kissinger was also in this band, but missed the photo session.

753rd AF Band -- picture taken March 19, 1954 when the band was transferred from Alexandria AFB (later England AFB), Alexandria, LA to Goose Bay, Labrador.

Front Row, Left to Right:
CWO William F. Walker, Michael Fahn, Drums; John Varnum, Sax; James Woods, Sax; Lee Byers, Trumpet; Paul Geesey, Trumpet; Bill Tucker, Trombone; Ronald Wise, Sax; Matt Galiano, Sax; Dick Johansenn, Trombone; Ed Gillette, Trombone.

Second Row, Left to Right: Graham Kelley, Trumpet; Oma Galloway, Piano; Bob Lebhart, Piano; Barry McDonald, Trumpet; Carl Fisher, Drums; Selvin Norman, Sax; Kay Ferrin, Sax; Dick Schuyler, Bass; Laurence Williams, Bass

The Band was modified from the 35 piece TO&E band into the 20 piece TO&E group shown here. (TO&E means: Table of Organization and Equipment) believed to be the first 20 piece dance band under the reorganization of the USAF bands.

524th AF Band, Torrejon AB, Madrid, Spain
Photo taken in summer 1968.

Personnel (Left to Right)
Front Row: Armand "Mike" Garcia, Glenn Ragland, Danny Hamilton, Amuel Murphy, Al Violette, Grant Knowlton, Bill Sisson, Ken Petry, Jack Maurice, Don Parson.
2nd Row: Al Hill, Rich Bode, Max Viray, Bob Morris, Ted Myslivey, Jack Sylvia, Jim Kashishian, Jerry Crane, Bob Dobarganes, Mike Purdy, Bob Henry.
Back Row: Larry Gottardi, Joe Eberline, Jim Contee, Steve Roach, Bill "Lurch" Brenton.


USAF Band Protocol Combo, the Diplomats  (circa 1957)

Bass:  Don Demsey

Trombone:  Tom Patenaud

Drums:  Gene Hutchinson

Tenor Saxophone:  Mel Owens

Piano:  Dick Bridwell


USAF Band Protocol Combo, the Diplomats  (circa 1957)

528 th Air Force Band with C54
c. 1962

Front row (kneeling – R-L): Norman Jackson (cymbals), Jack Crawford (drums), John Landaker (drums), Ned Lavalle (bass drum), Ray Mitchell (drums), Edward Sodergren (alto sax), George Hudack (alto sax).

Second row (R-L): Capt Bennie Maniscalco (528th AF Band’s first Commander), Steve Aikin (drum major), Gilbert Gaines (French horn), Billy Floyd (French horn), John Grove (French horn), Bill Gaines (alto sax), Clarence Orion (baritone horn), Larry Petteys (alto sax), Ernie Marchain (tenor sax), Ed Mohan (tenor sax), George Zoll (tenor sax), Homer Johnson (bari sax).

Third row (tubas – R-L): Dave Clark & Jim Moyer.

Stairs (bottom to top): Bill Pool (trombone), Bob Jardine (trombone), Curtis Hooker (trombone), Terry Braungardt (trumpet), Ray Mabalot (valve trombone), Noel Cote (cornet), Lyle Cook (trumpet), Harry James Jr. (trumpet), Carlos Saloio (trumpet), Jerry Surra (glockenspiel).


Dance Band
C. 1963

Piano: Ray Mabalot
Drums: Ray Mitchell
Bass: Ernie Marchain
Guitar: Flip Hoopes
Saxes (L-R): Bill Gaines, Steve, Aikin, Hiram Allen, Harry Walker, AJ Luna
Trombones: Curt Hooker, Fred Luety, Sam Bader, Jim Evelyn;
Trumpets: Bonifacio (Bonnie) Versoza, Jesse Brown, Terry Baumgartner, Lyle Cook, Charlie Saloio


Concert Band

First trip to the Azores.



Band Formation

Getting ready to beard plane to Azores


Cpt Bennie Maniscalco, Dr. Hilda Kelley, MSG Carlos Saloio

Music by Cpt Maniscalco and MSG Saloio. Lyrics by Dr. Hilda Kelley, of New Baden, Ill, assistant command historian of MATS.


Dance Band
c. 1964

Front row: AJ Luna, Steve Aikin, Harry Walker, Gary Horn, and Bill Gaines.
Second Row: Fred Luety, Bob Bryan, Samuel ("Sam") Bader, Walter ("Jim") Evelyn, John Grove, Jim ("Flip") Hoopes (on guitar).
Third Row: Dave Clark, Lyle Cook, Unknown, Carlos Saloio, and Jesse Brown.
Back: Crawford (Drums), Ernie Marchain (Bass), James Gross (Piano), Paul Galloway (Leader in dark suit).

c. 1962

L-R: Bill Gaines, AJ Luna, John Landaker, Charlie Saloio, Ernie Marchain, Ray Mabalot (Piano)



MSG Carlos Saloio, Cpt Bennie Maniscalco, Gen Joe W. Kelly, Dr. Hilda Kelley

Presenting Song of the MATSMEN to Gen Kelly.


Concert Band

Jefferson Barracks, Missouri


Publicity Picture
c. 1963

Jim Bodenstein, George Hudok, Ernie Marchain, Dick Enloe, Bill Pool, Cpt Bennie Maniscalco

The Wheelus AFB dance band.

March 9, 1956.


Front row left to right: Bob Tomasino, Bob Mason, Ray Burton, Bob Lawrence, Carlos "Charlie" Montez.

Rear row left to right: Norm Jambard, Eddy Wyzkowski, Bernie Vignali, Charles "Chuck" Morrisey, Chick DeBree.

Not included in this picture but on the bandstand were:

Charlie Saloio, trumpet & leader; Caeser Castro, piano and Phil Scarfone, bass.

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