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Charlie Saloio

Rehearsing with the Alton Symphony (seated to Charlie’s left is Jim Bodenstein and Noel Cote)


Front: SSgt Walter Evelyn

File 1: MSgt Samuel Bader, A1C John Grove, A1C Edward Mohan, SSgt Bill Gaines, A1C Bonnie Versoza, A1C Norman Jackson, A3C Donald Sorvala

File 2: A2C Joseph Estrada, SSgt James (Flip) Hoopes, TSgt Robert Farber, A1C James Nease, A1C Charles Whaley, SSgt Raymond Mitchell, MSgt Carlos Saloio

File 3: A2C Fred Luety, SSgt Adolpho (AJ) Luna, A2C Gerhard Horn, A2C Harry Walker, Unkown, Unknown, Unknown

File 4: A2C Gelnn Manning, A2C Ernie Marchain, A2C Robert Stipsits, Unknown, Unknown, A2C Cliffor Watkins, A2C George Zoll

File 5: A1C Curtis Hooker, A3C James Gross, A2C Edward Sodergren, A2C Steve Aikin, A1C Lyle (Cookie) Cook, A3C John Cronin

File6: Unknown, A2C Clarence Orion, Unknown, A2C Homer Johnson, SSgt Jesse Brown, A3C Toy Southerland, A1C David Clarke

MATS Command Band


The Four Saints

The Four Saints, a vocal, instrumental and comedy group from within the internationally acclaimed United States Air Force Band, are probably the most original and refreshing unit in the entertainment field today. Whether they sing, play or do comedy routines, their performances are imaginative and invigorating. Their singing is the embodiment of a very warm, modern vocal sound, their instrumental playing embraces a wide variety of music and is performed on fifteen different musical instruments, while their comedy routines are not only refreshingly new but also extremely funny.

All natives of Everett, Washington, the Four Saints have been together since winning a talent contest in high school. Upon graduation, the group was awarded a full scholarship by the College of Puget Sound at Tacoma, Washington. It was the only scholarship of its kind ever given by that institution and was an all-inclusive one given the unit because of its outstanding musical and entertaining ability.

After completing three years of college, the foursome came under the sponsorship of the noted Four Sportsmen quartet of Jack Benny fame. This led to engagements at the Coronado Hotel in San Diego there they worked with Don Ameche, Harrah's Club in Lake Tahoe where they appeared with Sara Vaughn and the Casa Linda Supper Club in Phoenix where the quartet established a record by being held over for eleven weeks.


1967 SAC Band at Offutt AFB, NE

First Row Left to Right:

Doug Marshall - Ron Belanger - Jay Walker - Joe Laney

Second Row:

Charlie Fowler - Larry Alderson? - Nelson Hersh - Tom Sadzinski - Al George - Cecil Hutchins - Brian Friedman - Phil...?- Mark Vertich

Third Row:

Jerry Howe - Cale B Yates III - Lucky Borland - Ron Horton - Bob Thompson - Dave McKenna - Alvin Adkins - Adrian DuBois - Frank Pallachia - Mike Burns

Forth Row:

(To the left of Lucky Borland Row) John Crenshaw - Unk - Dan Pasonault

Behind Forth Row:

Tony Gotlob - Les Muncaster - Charlie Sumner - Keith Richards - Jose Luna - Eric McClure - Unk - Paul Frederick - William Meyer - Bob Gifford - Richard Hoff

French Horn Section: Unk - Bob Bennett - Tom Price - Don Parsons

Back Row:

Richard Fratzke - Charlie Brown - Seymore "Cookie" Cook - Dan Crowley - Chris Stovall - Unk- Unk - Ray Zimmerman - Frank Star

Wes Adams
Chief Arranger for the Air Force Academy Band
Wes Adams

AFA Falconaires

Front to back - left to right:
Bob Hilton, Gary Scott, Lee Byers, Harry Vulgamore, Stan Wrobleski, Dick Hubbard, Arnold Schafer, Wes Adams, Dale Chamberlin, Dave Belonger,
Werner Siepenkothen, Ray DeWitt, Chuck Gardner, Jack Tardy, Sam Milazzo, Bill Barbier, Terry Hemeyer and Herman Vincent.


Collegiates was a protocol combo in 1961, the 501st AF Band, Hickam AFB, Hawaii. Art Cappio on drums, Jack Tatum on Sax and Flute, John Praiss on Bass and Chuck Gardner on Piano.
Henry Mancini
The Mancini photo with me was taken in late 1960 at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. Hank Mancini was scoring music for "The Hawaiians" a movie starring Charlton Heston being filmed in Hawaii.  He visited the Band Hall several times and gave me arranging lessons for hours. During my assignment there, Hank visited the Islands several times and always came by the Band where I took advantage of more arranging lessons.

511th AF Band, Edwards AFB, CA
Circa late 1955.
IDs by John Milas.

Personnel are: (Left to Right))
Saxophones: John Milas, Roland Messier, Ron Legg, Elwood? "Scotty"? Duncan, Bill Muntz?, Marty Mezin, Al Cato (in front)
Trombones: Norville Rich, Don Wanberg, Carl Lambert
Trumpets: Robert LaChance, Bob Ernie, Mike Conn
Drums: William "Sticks" Pingree
Piano: Gary Wells
Bass: Bob Hardy
(The tenor sax player, next to Marty, was TDY to the band as was Carl Lambert and Pingree.)

511th AF Band, Edwards AFB, CA
Trio USAFA: Jerry Light, Drums; Jim Lewis. Bass; Chuck Gardner, Piano.

1958 - 591st AF Band
Istanbul, Turkey

CWO - Alfred Sanders

Sax Section (left to right): Joe Lewis - Tenor, Walter Taube - Alto, Stan Bernstein - Alto, George "Big Daddy" Jones - Tenor, Ron Makely - Bari

Trombones (left to right): Fred Spinks (AFMA member), Terry Wright, Ed Wriggle

Trumpets: Harry Gibson, Ralph "Perez" Divers, Tom Turner, David Bales

Piano: Don Scaletta
Drums: Len Carter
Bass: Lee Kusserow


CWO - Eugene Dieter

Sax Section (left to right): Bob Desnoyer(?) - Bari, Santo Vinci - Tenor, Matt "Ski" Kosienski - Alto, Don Cagenello - Alto, Ken Kunkle - Tenor

Trombones (left to right): (leader) Ralph McKessick, Don Settles, Walt Sensing, Louis Goldman

Trumpets (left to right): Ed Snell, Harold Leiberman, John Nuzum, Alan Love

Piano: Robert Schaffer
Drums: Fred Ciampa
Bass:Clifford Monigle

730th "Airliners"
McGuire AFB, Trenton, NJ

1958 - 591st AF Band
Buyuk Cinema, Ankara, Turkey

CWO - Alfred Sanders

Sax Section (left to right): Joe Lewis - Tenor, Walter Taube - Alto, Stan Bernstein - Alto, George "Big Daddy" Jones - Tenor, Ron Makely - Bari

Trombones (left to right): Fred Spinks (AFMA member), Terry Wright, Ed Wriggle

Trumpets: Harry Gibson, Ralph "Perez" Divers, Tom Turner, David Bales

Piano: Don Scaletta
Drums: Len Carter
Bass: Lee Kusserow


Vocal: Russ Coleman

Piano: Don Scaletta

Drums: Len Carter

Bass: Lee Kusserow

1958 - 591st AF Band Trio plus Vocal

1958 - 591st AF Band
Hotel El Mansour, Casablanca, Morocco

CWO - Alfred Sanders

Sax Section (left to right): George "Big Daddy" Jones - Tenor, Ron Makely - Bari, Ray Burton - Alto, Joe Lewis - Tenor, Stan Bernstein - Alto,

Trombones (left to right): Hawley Waller, Chuck Morrisey (AFMA member), Fred Spinks (AFMA member)

Trumpets: Harry Gibson, Art Schofield, Ralph "Perez" Divers

Piano: Don Scaletta
Drums: Len Carter
Bass: Lee Kusserow


541st AF Band, Luke AFB, Phoenix, AZ

Official Tenor Band - Photo taken in Nov 1961

Leader: MSgt Don Kraft (Standing) on Clarinet & Saxes

Piano: A3C Tom Watts
Bass: TSgt Rex Woltring
Drums: MSgt Bruce Carter
Clarinet/Saxophone: (L to R) SSgt Ed Hamlin, SSgt Francisco Catalano & A1C Virgil Odell
Trumpet: SSgt Al Keener, A1C Wayne Thisdell
Trombone: SSgt Norm Charpentier

541st AF Band, Luke AFB, Phoenix, AZ
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